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Core QA Services

QA Testing is not limited to just clicking on buttons, it is about bringing value to the product. Texnologik’s Core QA services provide you with the best talent comprising of years of expertise to deliver your project with Speed, Consistency, and Excellence.

Manual Test Designing and Execution

It’s almost very common in many companies to see that a project being pushed to get completed before the deadlines and one of the most crucial parts which are QA is often sidelined or just that the company do not have enough resources to complete the QA to ensure that the product is fully tested and is 99.99% flawless. Texnologik can help you.

With Manual Test Designing and Execution service, we will hand-pick a team that will be fully dedicated to your project. Our QA professionals will work with your team of developers, Business Analysts, and Product Owners to go over the requirements, build a deep comprehensive test strategy and test plans, design thorough test cases, execute test cases, log defects and retest until the project is completed at the utmost satisfaction level.


Texnologik Quality Assurance
Team and Process

Common Deliverables

  • Test Strategy Document: A set of guiding principles that determines the test design & regulates how the software testing process will be done. The objective of the Test Strategy is to provide a systematic approach to the software testing process to ensure quality, traceability, reliability, and better planning.
  • Requirement Traceability Matrix: A high-level document that demonstrates the relationship between requirements and other artifacts.
  • Test Plan: A Test Plan is a document that outlines the scope, objective, method, and weight of a software testing task
  • Test Cases: A complete set of manual test cases which will cover all end-to-end functionality of the project with detailed steps of execution.
  • Defect Reports: As soon as manual testing starts, defects will be shared with you in the format of your choice and can also be logged in your defect tracking tool. We will also provide you with the end-of-day summary report which will provide the coverage of the test cases and their defects.
  • Status Report with Metrics: This summary report will cover the status of all the test cases executed and their prioritization.

What we need from you to start

  • Project Timeline: We need the project timeline to ensure we have the resources available right when you need them.
  • Sample Test Document: If you have any preferred format for Test Case or Test Plan and want us to use that, please provide us with that.
  • Requirements Documentation: Please provide any document which talks about Business and functional requirements, this is will help us to understand your product better and what is expected
  • System Design Documents: A system design document can help us understand the complexity of the system and test it thoroughly.
  • Go live Date: We need to know the Go Live date to ensure our resources are fully dedicated to your project until the product is live.
  • Defect Report Format: If you have any preferred format for the defect reporting, please provide us with that so that we log all defects in the same format.

Automation Testing

Texnologik is at the forefront of test automation engineering techniques, technologies, and methodologies with our test automation services. We partner with clients across various industries to drive their automation innovation and QA optimization

Benefits of Test Automation

  • Save Time Significant time savings can be realized through automation; in some cases up to 70%. Not every test case is suitable for automation, however. Frequent regression cycles and manual test cases that are repetitive or require tedious input of test data are situations where automation may make sense.
  • Improve Test Coverage Create automated software testing scripts that cover more than you can do manually and that provide clear results so that you can increase platform coverage by 55% in the same testing cycle. That’s what our clients have done, why leave critical platforms uncovered when you can achieve coverage through automation.
  • Increase Ad-hoc and Exploratory Testing With resources freed up by automated software testing tools, testers can do what they do best. Find more critical defects by using your skilled QA resources in the right place at the right time.
  • Reduce Cost and Maintenance Use our minimal-maintenance automation testing services and infrastructure with a centralized repository and test automation framework that takes advantage of reuse and modularity so that changes can be done once and propagated throughout. Our proven frameworks have saved our clients an average of 38% in automation re-work time and costs.

Our Test Automation Engineering
Solution Components


  • The Right Process: A methodology that achieves quantifiable results to address challenges, such as maintaining the accuracy of repeatable tasks, expediting the software development life cycle, upgrading technology platforms, and enhancing security.
  • The Right Technology: A complete set of industry-relevant tools and software licenses to supplement the tools you already have in-house.
  • The Right People: Projects led by a team of professionals who have worked with QA teams, business analysts, and developers.
  • The Right Tools: Texnologik QA professionals have managed automation projects using a wide range of automation technologies. We’ve used Micro Focus/HP UFT, Selenium, Ranorex, Sauce Labs, CITS and Perfecto Mobile, etc.

Choosing the right Automation tool is very crucial for your product. The best tool will define how the automation will shape up and provide the best results. As the saying goes not one tool fits all, hence we deep dive into your requirements and vision or automation testing and suggest the best automation tool for you.

Why you need a Test Automation Framework

Utilizing a framework for automated testing will increase a team’s test speed and efficiency, improve test accuracy, and will reduce test maintenance costs as well as lower risks. They are essential to an efficient automated testing process for a few key reasons:

  • Improved test efficiency
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Minimal manual intervention
  • Maximum test coverage
  • Reusability of code
  • Eliminate duplicate coding

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